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1999bug (also known as Bug) was a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on September 22, 2006. He had the rank Gladiator, 5,524 posts, and over 47 likes received. Though he was mostly active in the Power Miners Forum throughout the years, he was also noticed in the Space Police III Roleplay, Atlantis, Atlantis Roleplay, Hero Factory Forum, Hero Factory Roleplay Subforum, Designers Forum, Classics Forum, Classics Roleplay Subforum, among other forums.

He posted in non-roleplay forums many times, though he was mainly active in roleplay forums. For most of 2011, he was mostly inactive, only having bursts of posts when he dropped by. At one point, he announced that he would be much more active soon, but he has not logged in since summer of 2013.

At one point, Bug had somewhat of a rivalry between Dwarfminefan580, one of the few users Bug was serious about rank racing. Around the time of the rivalry, Bug was a late Artisan. However, Dwarfy was one of the fastest users in Message Boards history to reach Old Timer (Going from Apprentice to Old Timer in approximately two months), and even though he was a late Craftsman, he had somewhat of an advantage over Bug. Bug beat Dwarfy to Inventor, but Dwarfy became an Old Timer shortly after Bug's proclaimed inactivity in early 2011. They have since become close friends. Other users Bug raced include Drew1200, 10310, and agentlevi_jesusrocks.


  • He was also known well on the LU creation lab, having over 275 approved and non-approved (mostly approved) creations. His most widely known creation is "I know....Totally Awesome, Right? :P" which reached fame, even though it only took him less than an hour.
  • 1999bugz, another user, was created for Bug's friend, but was never used by him. Instead, Bug used this as a back-up account.
  • He was a runner-up in the 5 (and last) TLGS season.
  • He had a LEGO Universe account. His best known character is Bug911.
  • He has been accused of cursing on the LEGO Message Boards. However, his posts have never actually contained a swear word. Instead they contain words like "crud" and "scum" that were likely accidentally censored or misunderstood.

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