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Aguarios was a moderator who joined the LEGO Message Boards on February 7, 2012. He has the rank Official, 1,201 posts, and over 1,799 likes received. Since the update, Agaurios posted more often on the Community Chat Forum. His favorite topic in the Message Boards Subforum was "The Mods Dare YOU." He is currently inactive, described as being on the same "top-secret assignment" that Cocodeville is on. As in the case of Cocodeville, it is not known whether he has actually been reassigned, or whether he has retired. He has not been online since September 27, 2013.


His bio that he posted on the "Moderator Bios" topic is as follows:

"Name: My name came to me when having my favorite drink, water. I had to rush to and check if it was already taken. Luckily it was still up for grabs so here I am.

Favorite LEGO set: The LEGO Star Wars Star Destroyer 10030. It’s plain awesome.

Favorite MB: LEGO Universe and LEGO News, you can find a lot of great stories in there.

Favorite Gallery: Star Wars and LEGO Universe, I just love the characters on SW (especially Chewbacca) and the brilliant models created for LEGO Universe.

Hobbies: Badminton and watching football (With the round ball!)

Favorite animal: Dolphins because they are really smart!

Favorite foods: Currywurst and blue cheese."

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