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AwesomeMe44 (aka AM) user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on October 2, 2010. He has no rank, 3,883 posts, and over 66 likes received. He originally lost his account (allegedly due to a hacker), and had to abandon it, making a new account with the name of WisconsinCheese. He eventually regained his AwesomeMe account, and mostly posted in the LEGO Universe Subforum to write his stories.

AwesomeMe announced that he had retired, but later came back due to demands by his story readers. However, after an argument in the LEGO Universe Forum, AM retired again. After being gone for about a month, AM decided to return, and was much more active. However, AM has left his account, and has created a new one called TheNightwing44.


  • His sister is TheHarleyQuinn.
  • His first account was LegoFan5092, which was deleted accidentally.
  • He made the second most popular LEGO Universe story, The Journey Of Vanda Darkflame.
  • AwesomeMe has had a total of 3 accounts.
  • He has a solo project in MLN bands.

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