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Bigbro223 is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on January 18, 2011. He has the rank Minotaur, 7,675 posts, and over 460 likes received. He posted in the LEGO Video Games Forum and the LEGO Superheroes Forum. He used to post in the LEGO Universe Forum before the update.


Bigbro began posting in the Star Wars Forum at first. He earned the rank Journeyman, then moved on to the Ninjago Forum and the LEGO Universe Forum. After he advanced to MasterBuilder he began posting in the LEGO Video Games Forum. Sometime in late 2011 he began posting less. Shortly after its release, bigbro starting posting in the LEGO Superheroes Forum and became interested in roleplays.


  • Bigbro used to use quotes in his sig after his posts, but he stopped after that was banned.
  • Bigbro thinks of the moderators as his role models and obeys their rules.
  • He was known for his stories.

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