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Bioniclemaster724 (also known as Bima) is a German user with no rank who joined the LEGO Message Boards on September 17, 2007. He made most of his 3,783 posts in the old German Message Boards, but he did also post in the English/American Boards. He was the first German poster who strongly contributed there for some time. He was the German user with the second most posts before Marcel77799, Guacamole1998, Legodurcheinander and Jadekaiser joined. He went inactive around fall of 2008. He did still occasionally post in the German LEGO Message Boards, especially in the BIONICLE Forum. Most of his posts had good quality. He is also famous for knowing a lot about BIONICLE and correcting wrong story information. He could be considered an MB Legend of the German LEGO Message Boards and one of the most important figures in the history of it.

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