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Blubbydubber1 2

Blubbydubber1 is an user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on November 3, 2011. He had the rank Artisan, 2,816 posts, and 1 stud. He was an Air Legend in the Air Ninja HQ in the Ninjago Roleplay Subforum. He was third in-Command in Rohirrum HQ: Helm's Deep and the DINOSAUR INVASION HQ. He also roleplayed as "Ultimate Thor" in the Superheroes Roleplay.


His signatures were:

$_()BLUBBY()_$ [Normal]

Z/-\|>+<>Z [Air Legend]

$|>][/\/Y [Dino]

\_/ltimate +hor [Avenger]

Cratere Earthshakerr [Rohirrum]

J/-\S<>/\/ [City]

B. Crab [Atlantis]


  • He is the brother of Fireclaw500.

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