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The Bob Avatar Protest was a protest/petition started to try to stop LEGO Universe from closing. The avatars represent Bob, a character from the LEGO Universe video game. It was started by U.S.A.guy, but a lot of users joined, including Eagleeyedan2, BusyCityGuy02, Riolu777, michaelyoda, legofanyoda, lindel1324, 1999bug, Fanboy1890, Gameking99, Pepsicola112, Donaldduckatti313, Plushies4Ever, AwesomeMe44, and many, many other users. The count was at over 30 users, and the protest became very well-known. Many more users would have joined the protest, but some had trouble changing their avatar, due to a glitch on the Edit Profile page. Some people criticized the protest, viewing it as unnecessary. Ultimately, the protest failed and the game was shut down as planned.


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