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Brandon_am is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on January 7, 2007. He has the rank Roman Soldier, 5,430 posts, and over 169 likes received.

He roleplayed in many different forums. He was a member of the Detective Agency (City Roleplay Subforum), the Gamma Division Villain HQ (Hero Factory Roleplay Subforum), the Mer HQ (Pirates of the Caribbean Roleplay Subforum), the Poseidon HQ (Atlantis Roleplay Subforum), and the Panther Ninjas HQ (Ninjago Roleplay Subforum). He was also active in The Poll Room, where he used to do "Brandon's 3 Daily Polls." He wrote two different stories, Revenge (Lego Universe Stories), and his most successful, The Panthers, A Novel (Ninjago Stories Subforum), which told the story of how his HQ was created.

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