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Brickie52 (also known as Brickie) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on March 1, 2010. He has no rank, 7,667 posts, and over 48 likes received. He posted in many forums, including the Community Chat Forum and the News Forum, where he mostly posts general news. He is famous for a very popular topic: Free Custom Signature Service, formerly in the Brick Boards subforum. He is, however, more famous for the show MB's Got Talent, posted at LMBNS News Station and known as one of the greatest shows on the LEGO Message Boards. He announced his retirement on April 28, 2012, in the LMBNS.

Fast facts

  • Brickie aimed to get Maniac by his 14 birthday on October 10. He wasn't able to complete this task, due to the rank changes caused by the update.
  • He has had 4 different types of signatures.
  • He also has had 2 different avatars.
  • His favorite topic was the Heroica Heroes H.Q. in the LEGO Board Games Forum.

News Stations

Brickie used to be in many news stations, but now he has cut down. He posted daily funny "News With Brickie" news reports.

  • He was an interviewer at LNSA.
  • He was a member of LMBNS.
  • He was a member of BNS.
  • He was a special reporter at LVNS.


Brickie was very active in roleplay. He posted especially in Ninjago Roleplay, where he lead the Good Ninjas H.Q. in ROA's absence.

  • He lead the UNN (United Ninja Nations) in Ninjago Roleplay.
  • He was Leader of Minifigure H.Q. in the Minifigures Forum.
  • He was a member of the Firefighters H.Q. in City Roleplay.
  • He lead the Heroica Heroes H.Q. in the Board Games forum.

Minor Topics

  • Brickie made the Brickfilm Help Service topic in the Designers Forum.
  • He posted in the MLN Secrets Topic.
  • He was a member of the Jay Fan Club H.Q. is the Ninjago Forum.
  • He was a waiter in the Classic Cafe.


Brickie started out in Ninjago Roleplay, joining the Good Ninjas H.Q .and some other topics. He soon expanded into the News and MB Forums, speeding up all the time. Later, he began to spam, so he slowed down and left some of the MB Forum topics and news stations.

MLN Bands

Brickie was a solo artist on MLN Music and Bands with his project: Brickstars Project.

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