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Bubseylegoguy (aka Bubsey or Bub) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on October 8, 2010. He had the rank Cowboy, 12,096 posts, and 8,229 likes received. He mainly posted in the Community Chat forum.


He is known for being a friendly user and helping newbies. He has created many different topics, such as the Adopt a New User topic in the Message Board Help and Suggestions Forum and the Olivia's House HQ topic in the Friends Forum in which he and Talmid post in almost daily. Bubsey mainly posts in Finding Friendships and The Nerd Refrigerator. He tends to be more active in the summer.



  • He is the creator of "Skull Month," an event where users change their avatars to skulls for the month of October.
  • He used to be a member of the LEGO Universe Creation Lab.
  • Bubsey used to post in "Season Clubs" with BattleTruckGalactica and TannerJ2598.

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