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Buzzm279 is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on February 29, 2008. He has the rank Knight, 12,200 posts, and over 503 likes received. He mainly posted in the Lord of the Rings Forum, and Star Wars Roleplay Clone Wars Subforum.

About Buzzm

He was in many HQs, but he mainly posted in the Wraith HQ from Lord of the Rings Roleplay, which had over 80 pages before he left. Even though many common posters there such as Bionicmax157, 8ObiWan88, IMOK2, and Skulduggery773 think that the HQ is OP as there were only 9 Ringwraiths in Lord of the Rings. Buzzm279 justified this pointing to an article in LOTR Wiki saying that there were different wraiths then ringwraiths.

He was named Dragonfire5 in LEGO Universe, and he stated that he will play the Minifigures MMO and have a team called the WolfPack, aimed at grinding and selling gear. He was friends with MinifigDesigner before MD left, and others that are in the same HQs as him. He was good friends with Byebob4959 until a big fight broke out over the razing of a HQ, and the two became enemies.

He also used to run the Brick N Knob band but retired from bands after the move to the City Forum.

STAR WARS™ roleplay

Buzzm279 is in both eras of STAR WARS RP, in the clone wars era, his characters are CT-888 "Shakedown", a clone trooper that leads the 405th Infantry Battalion, and Sara Vox, a GAR engineer. His battalion wears maroon and specializes in invasions and urban warfare.

In the Original Saga, his main characters are Hunter Storm, Imperial General of the Army, Jaster Vox, Longshot Squadron pilot, and Sara Vox the engineer. He also RPs as Atin'ika Vox, Beskar'ade commander.


Rather than formally retiring, Buzzm279 left after not making much of a big deal out of it. He was briefly the provisional leader of the Clone HQ until Gyrtaluk returned from a short hiatus. Handing over control of Clone HQ to Gyrtaluk, he had his characters depart on a transport, never to be seen again. He has a new account which will not be named, and plans on bringing back some kind of version of Longshot squadron, who were his favorite characters when he was active.


  • He had mentioned before that he has a cat.
  • He once said that his favorite user is Gameking99.
  • He retired from LEGO Universe RP because of the forum being moved and also because of the roleplay reform there but came back in late July before leaving again.
  • His favorite forums were Star Wars and LEGO General.
  • His avatar is his roleplay character Grand General Hunter Storm
  • He was one of the few people to speak Mando'a (Mandalorian) before alternate languages were banned.
  • He frequently used the "Joking" emoticon.

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