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A café is a type of roleplay topic that can be found in most forums. At a café, users can "buy" and "eat" food, snacks and drinks and they can join as a cook or a waiter (sometimes a janitor). They pay with imaginary currency, and are paid imaginary currency. Food fights were once commonplace in cafés, but now the moderators only allow them in the Food Fight Room 2. Users can also have casual (but LEGO-related) conversations at cafés, and members of roleplay teams sometimes discuss plans in cafés. Some users had their own "parties" at cafés for getting a new rank, a new stud, etc., and MLN Bands sometimes have concerts in cafés. Almost all cafés used to be pretty popular, but sadly, most cafés are fairly inactive.

The first café that was related to a roleplay was the Coruscanti Café. It was situated in the Star Wars Roleplay Clone Wars Subforum and was owned by Darth_nehimis.

Popular Cafés

Some popular cafés were:

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