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Candygirl4177 (aka Candygirl, Candy, CandyG, CG) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on January 29, 2012. She has the rank Highland Battler, 2,897 posts, and over 462 likes received.


She generally posted in eight main forums; Message Boards Help and Suggestions Forum, LEGO General Forum, LEGO Club forum, LEGO Digital Designer Forum, Friends Forum, News Forum, Community Chat Forum, and the Star Wars Forum. Her first post was somewhere in the Star Wars Forum and her first topic was The Boston Brick in the News Forum. She made her own signatures and ran The Signature Shop in the Message Board Help and Suggestions forum. She occasionally roleplayed in the City Roleplay Subforum. In the Community Chat Forum, she taught Forums and Music at MB School, and also taught Likes at the Message Boards Academy. She owned the KFOL Club and was a member of the TFOL Club. She hosted The Caramel Awards, an MB awards show created and hosted by her in the spring featuring many candy-themed awards.


  • Project Tomboyz: Candygirl was part of Project Tomboyz, a project taking place in the topic LEGO Tomboyz in the Friends Forum, where a couple users including AravisOfNarnia, tomboygirl546, and lego.minifig were creating a tomboy-version of Friends. 
  • Project LMB Movie: Candygirl was also a part and creator of a project, a real Message Board movie, that was being written by Skulduggery77, herself, NG, and Jediliam, put in stopmotion by several other users, and voices were recorded by NG and some of the character's real-life counterparts.


  • Candygirl knows Jackconlego, Jade3328, and Iloveskittles135 all in real life.
  • She founded The Boston Brick.
  • She was the auctioneer at Storage Wars in City Roleplay.
  • She founded The Dark Insiders, an inactive Star Wars Original Saga Roleplay topic.
  • She rarely ever used emotes.
  • She started a war in a tongue-smiley topic by saying "I prefer Cake".

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