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CaptainBrickmaster (also known as cBm, cB, Cap, or The Cap'n) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on February 16, 2008. He is one of the few active users who has been there more than 6 years. He has the rank Minotaur, 14,669 posts, and over 362 likes received.

MLN Bands History

He was the founder of the famous band "Brick-It!" in the MLN Music and Bands subforum. He was the leader of the band "Rascal Studs," and was in a duo project with Hanks2005 called Bricks and Studd. When MLN Bands was closing down, he became very inactive, and stated that he would fully retire when MLN Bands went down completely. When MLN music and bands was finally deleted, we learned CB was full of empty promises.


cBm was a roleplayer in the Star Wars Forum, and eventually became the feared leader of the Sith for many years.


He left for over a year, before recently returning to try and revamp the MLN/City bands one last time. During this effort, he has formed a band called The Architects with fellow MLN band veterans Diglett809 and Cr9. He has made no statements as to whether or not he will stick around for long after the Bands are back on their feet.

He now only posts in the few Bands topics that are left and in topics that involve trying to get MLN Bands its own subforum back, and occasionally on LMB Old Timers.

CBM was also a part of the MLN Band, Falls Apart for a brief period of time.


  • He holds the record for being the user who has retired and returned more than any other known user.
  • cBm got his start on the LEGO Message Boards in the LEGO Star Wars Forum, and stayed there for over a year before going to other forums.
  • He is the first user to ever take control of a roleplay topic by force.
  • cBm used to lead the Sea Monster H.Q., the Wizard H.Q., and the Merchants H.Q all at one time.
  • For a long time he also led the Sith H.Q. but he recently gave that position to Rock-o-Ages, Dude777477, and Jonbuddy1. He tried to retake leadership in Roleplay, but the mods said that that was no longer allowed, despite being acceptable in the past.
  • He reportedly made 1,012 posts during the Exo-Force Glitch.

Prince of Persia Forum

He, 10310, and Dwarfy became friends in the Prince of Persia Forum, in the Merchants H.Q., created by cBm. They were the only active members there, and after the roleplay in that forum completely died, they used the topic to hang out, have fun, and get to know each other. After the forum closed down, they sadly parted ways, and now rarely talk to each other anymore.

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