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Source: Car Debating Society

Car Debating Society is a topic in the Classics Forum. At one point it was the most popular topic in the Racers Forum. It was created by legohamster28 on November 10, 2010. It has 698 pages and no likes on the first post. It was a topic where users can talk about real cars. Many of the users that post there are car lovers such as Honda Henrycr9, adamlenton1, Riolu777, donaldduckatti313, maestro35-kojac29, samco5, bonwr1, and a few other users.

Car Debating Society: USA Edition

Bigbudcat started a topic called "Car Debating Society: USA Edition", because he thought the original was too clogged up with British "things." It had 0 likes and a total of over 68 pages. Car Debating Societies for classic cars and supercars have also been created.

Music Debating Society

A similar topic, "Music Debating Society" was set up by Wiktorsz in the MLN Music and Bands forum in January 2012. It had 30 pages and a perfect rating of 5.0 bricks. People who posted in it include Wiktorsz, Thenso, legodurcheinander, guacamole1998, Jonbuddy1 and Riolu777. Eventually, it was deleted along with its forum.


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