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Cheatcodes7334 (also known as CC), was a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on October 11, 2010, and was banned from them with no rank and 2,787 posts.

Cheatcodes was infamous for copying topics, rating topics 0 bricks, and using expletives. He also generated quite a bit of SPAM on the LEGO Message Boards.

He once created a fake account called Rock-0-ages, which was an impersonation of another user, Rock-o-Ages. Cheatcodes posted with that account and tried to befriend people on MLN. Later he deleted the account after miakittymoon told him not to use duplicate accounts that way. All 3 of CC's main accounts have the same avatar, a skeleton with a white Racing helmet.


Head44 torso3 legs1
No Rank

Michael5718 joined the LEGO Message Boards on September 24, 2010 and had the rank of MasterBuilder. This is a duplicate account used by Cheatcodes when he was banned for the first time.

The avatar is the same for both CC and Michael. Michael was very popular in the LU Forum.


Head44 torso3 legs1
No Rank

Creatatrix was an account created by Cheatcodes after he hadn't been on the MBs for a couple of months. Creatatrix joined the LEGO Message Boards on August 8, 2011. He was a Craftsman, and had 788 posts when he got banned. The Avatar is the same as all of CheatCode's past LEGO accounts and did not have a signature.

Creatatrix stated his retirement after just a week on the LEGO Message Boards.


One of Cheatcodes' most recent dupe account after being banned.

The day after this account was created, an account called _KRRouse_ was created, and it was posted with in "Legends in a Modern World". Due to the fact that _Cheatcodes_new_account had just been created, many people think it is Cheatcodes, not KRRouse.


Not much is known about this account, except he only made fourteen posts with it.


Cheatcodes has made 10+ accounts. This is a clear violation of the rules, due to the fact that he had multiple active accounts at the same time.

All his accounts, including Creatatrix, were banned on May 29, 2011, as announced by Tristanmohs.

The fake Rock-0-ages account and the account MLN-ArcadeGame (Cheatcodes said it was his brother's account) were also banned on the same day.

According to some sources, Cheatcodes was permanently banned, and is the first known active user to be permanently banned from the LEGO Message Boards.

He is also blocked from this wiki, until 12/12/2074.


He was thought to have returned as DoomDragon99 , but this was proven false in the topic "Lego Conspiracy Theories" when JesusChristFollower revealed herself to be the account's creator. The only reason users claimed that DoomDragon was Cheatcodes new dupe was that the avatar was the same. It was similar, but did not have blue legs.

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