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CommanderMax007 is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on May 28, 2009. He has the rank Knight, 8,544 posts, and over 529 likes received. 


Max mainly posted in the LEGO Superheroes Forum, and was also very active in its Roleplay Subforum. He was a member of many HQs in the Super Heroes Roleplay. His first HQ there was the "Speedsters HQ," but it was not very productive. He later changed his character to "Wolverine" (and thus became the first Marvel hero in the roleplay) and started the "Avengers HQ," the first Marvel Hero HQ in the roleplay. He went on to start the "Watchmen HQ" in SHaRP (a nickname he coined for the RP), the "JLI HQ 2~Rebooted"( a HQ he had to give up), another SHaRP HQ, and the following HQs in other RPs:

He was very protective of his characters and of those of the members of his HQ, but is able to keep the "Character robbers" in check as a "mod messenger" appointed by WhiteAlligator.

He was these characters in SHaRP:

  • Wolverine (in the avengers HQ)
  • Rorschach (in the watchmen HQ)
  • Red Arrow (in the young justice HQ)
  • Batman (in the Justice League of America And Europe)


  • He started a help topic in the Designers Forum teaching people how to make capes and coats out of paper and cloth.
  • He is an avid steampunk lover.

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