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Crobatmaster (also known as Cobo) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on May 15, 2011. He has the rank Pharaoh, 2,241 posts, and over 27 likes received. He posted in a variety of forums, particularly in roleplays

Roleplay Positions

Crobatmaster had these positions in these roleplays:

  1. (Bionicle) Toa HQ 4: Leader, SM Toa HQ: Second in command
  2. (LU) Paradox HQ: Recharged: Second in command
  3. (DC) Villains HQ: Leader
  4. (HF) HF Recon Team: Leader
  5. (Agents) C.O.M.B: Secret Agent
  6. (Minifigures) Warrior Minifig HQ: Leader
  7. (SWCW) Sith HQ XI: Sith Lord
  8. (Ninjago) Dark Ninja HQ: Member

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