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Danielboone6702 (also known as DB, Danielboone or Boone) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on July 8, 2009. He has the rank Roman Soldier, 7,638 posts, and over 176 likes received. He mainly posted in mainstream forums, such as the Community Chat Forum, LEGO Club Forum, Forum, etc. He was in a race with Eagleeyedan2 and Campie1212 to be the first to Old Timer, but lost. Danielboone is also the brother of well-known Old Timer, Gho8233.

He had at one point said that he was going to try and get back to posting more frequently. He then for a time was more active, and raced Legocat4611 and Mastergoalie to Old Timer. Danielboone was falling behind and lost the race because of Internet problems, but soon became more active, and has re-passed both of them.

Danielboone posted frequently in the MB Lab for Technological Tests, and made many significant discoveries there.


  • Danielboone participated in the Bob Avatar Protest until LU closed.
  • He discovered roughly half of all known blocked emoticons in one day, by using a Perl script to try all possible two-letter emoticon combinations. He also discovered how to make fake quotes and colored text in posts.

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