This page is an archive of the old LEGO Message Boards. Feel free to correct mistakes and add information.

The Delete Me Glitch is an event that occurred in early May 2011. A forum called "Delete Me" appeared at the bottom of the main page. It was similar to the Exo-Force Glitch. No moderation happened there, which meant posts and topics were let through as soon as you hit "post." It only lasted a day, and very few members actually experienced this glitch. Among the few were Wertys761, U.S.A.guy, ZackaryX, megaman6557, Klintrin, and some newbies. There were stories going around in the "Delete Me" forum about it being created by a hacker, but in a few hours, the "Delete Me" forum was gone, along with all the posts in it, and is now believed to be part of the updating and testing for the The 2012 Update.

The "Delete Me Forum" icon was the same as the icons for Rank X and Avatar X Glitch. On other browsers, different "No Picture" or "Missing" icons showed up as the forum icon.

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