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Donaldduckatti313 (also known as DD or Donald) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on October 25, 2009. He has the rank Roman Soldier, 2,269 posts, and 113 likes received. Donald started posting on the LEGO Message Boards around November 2011. He posted a lot in the Racers Forum, almost exclusively posting in the "Car Debating Society" after slipping into semi-activity.

Since he lived in Asia, there were fewer moderators awake when he posted, so his posts were moderated less quickly. This also meant that he could attend fewer events such as Mod Parties.


  • DD was CEO/leader of the airline LEGO Aviation International, an airline that was created inside the "LEGO City International Airport" topic in City Roleplay.
  • Donaldduckatti313 was 2 In-Command of the Police Car H.Q. in the Cars Forum.
  • He was also member of the Flyer Squad H.Q. in the Pharaoh's Quest Forum.


  • He made his MB Avatar bald, as part of the Bob Avatar Protest, in protest to the closing of LU.
  • He participated in TECOTAL 2012, and made it to round 3, when suddenly Genralaustin stopped making new rounds.
  • Donaldduckatti occasionally posted on the German LEGO Message Boards. He was able to do this because he is half-Austrian, where German is commonly spoken.
  • He is currently the user with the second most posts on cBm's forum, "Random Awesome Waffles."

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