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Empire981 (also known as Empire) is a user with no rank who joined the LEGO Message Boards on June 11, 2007. He became Maniac on the old LEGO Message Boards in 2009, and was the 2 user (1 male) to ever get the rank. He was also a very popular MyLEGO Network user. He lost his 8th stud to Eragon3443, and recently lost his 7th and 6th studs.


One of Empire's topics

Sadly, Empire developed a reputation as a spammer. He retired from the MBs in October 2009 with 13,802 posts. It is uncertain why Empire retired, though most think it is that it may be because he was tired of people accusing him of spamming. CaptainBrickmaster pointed out that compared to today, Empire barely spammed at all, making accusations against him highly unfair. Today, only a few users are left who actually remember Empire. Some of those users include Rock-o-Ages, Alemas, and captainBrickmaster. He has not logged in since the update.


  • Rock-o-Ages made a joke that he was actually Empire, and for a short time many believed him. Some people thought it was funny, some did not.
  • Empire was very active in the MLN Trades forum, and traded all sorts of items in exchange for Thornax. He is known for having collected hundreds of thousands of Thornax this way, the most of any MLN user ever.
  • Maniac Man.city1 and Legends Dude777477 and Eragon3443, while being newbies, used to look up to Empire.
  • Empire still has many existing posts on the MBs. One of them is located on the first page of "Advertise your MLN page!" in the MLN Trades Subforum.

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