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Eragon3443 (also known as Eragon) is a user joined the LEGO Message Boards on June 22, 2010. He has the rank Highland Battler, 31,580 posts, and over 825 likes received. Eragon mainly posted in the Community Chat Forum, My LEGO Network Forum, and My LEGO Network Trades Subforum, although he used to post actively in the LEGO Universe Forum. Eragon became quite infamous for spamming in topics. Eragon announced his retirement on January 8, 2012, but had returned. On July 16, 2012, Eragon announced his second retirement from the LEGO Message Boards, and he is now inactive. He has briefly come back on numerous occasions to check in, usually in LMB Old Timers, but not for very long.

Roleplay, News, and MLN Bands


  • Eragon was first In-Command/owner of the Video Game News, Designer's Weekly, and Exo-Force Stories Network.
  • Eragon was first In-Command in the MLN News Station 2 and BIONICLE Roleplay News, although he functioned as 1st-in-command because the owners had gone inactive.
  • He was a member at the LMBNS, LEGO vision News Station 2, Netru Nui Times, MB News Central, and LNSA.

MLN Bands



  • Eragon was one of the leading users in topic count, but was known to be behind Dwarfy and Skulduggery.
  • He held the record for most posts in a non-mod party day (633) until he was beaten when Skulduggery77 made 1,004.
  • He held the record for most posts in a week (2,826) until Skulduggery77 beat this record as well, making 3,404.
  • He owned a trade store in the MLN Trades Subforum, "ERAGON'S EPIC EXPO (E3)."

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