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Facundo141 is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on October 15, 2006. He has rank Gladiator, 361 posts, 10 likes received. He only posted in the BIONICLE Forum and its Roleplay Subforum. He was not very active, and would go inactive for long periods of time without warning. He was part of the Toa H.Q. 4, Order of Mata Nui H.Q. 3, and Vortixx H.Q.

BIONICLE Roleplay Topics created

Facundo141 has created several topics in the BIONICLE Roleplay Subforum, including:

  • Vortixx H.Q., one of the minor H.Q.s.
  • Maze of the Dunes, similar to various "tower challenges" other users make.
  • Wall of History, where users post the biography of their characters.
  • Toa Suva, where Matoran can become Toa.
  • Swamp of Secrets, a replica of the Mutation Center.

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