An example of a forum, the City forum.

Forums were the separate themes, help sections, informative places, etc., that you saw when you first entered the LEGO Message Boards. You could click on any forum to choose a topic in it, or make your topic and begin posting. You could browse the forums and topics with or without a LEGO ID, but you could only post, give likes and reply to other posts if you registered one. Each forum was like a category of topics and posts, all pertaining to one main subject. There were 24 main forums at the close. Some forums had a Story and/or Roleplay Subforum


Each forum contained topics, which had pages. Some forums had subforums, which were smaller forums related to the forum it was in. The forum title determined the subject of the accepted topics in the forum.

Some forums were hidden, such as the LEGO Universe Beta Tester forum.

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