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Friendlylightspark (also known as FLS) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on August 29, 2009. He has the rank Viking, 18,426 posts, and over 2,400 likes received. He was considered by many to be a friendly user, although he has caused a few notable problems on the LEGO Message Boards, including the locking of an HQ and Cafe, though he has resolved to stop spamming completely. His "adopted" Newbie is Legocat011, Legocat4611's little brother. He was the 21 Maniac. He has hoped to be remembered on the Message Boards for years to come, and to become a moderator for the Message Boards when he is older.


He raced Riolu777 to rank Legend, and hoped to eventually get 100,000 posts. He was one of the many users who participated in the Bob Avatar Protest.

He once went inactive; however, in March 2012, he returned, creating a topic called Team Posting Season One, which was a remake of his previous topic, the difference being that spammers would be disqualified. He mysteriously vanished from the message boards in October 2012, returning in February 2015.

After returning, he began posting rapidly throughout the message boards, especially in the Community Chat Forum in Finding Friendships. Upon his return he stated "Just so you guys know, I will not be the mean guy I was before I retired. I'm back, and I'm going to be kind to other users." Shortly after he returned, however, he decided to slip into inactivity in order to pursue his interests.


  • He is a member of this wiki.

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