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Friends Forum
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Join the discussion about the five LEGO Friends, Olivia, Emma, Andrea, Mia and Stephanie, and the world of Heartlake City.


Friends Forum

The Friends Forum is a forum created on March 23, 2012. The forum has over 1,780 topics, and over 43,866 posts. The most liked topic there is "Who's your favorite LEGO Friend and why?" by CraftyJediFaith1, with 56 likes received. The most liked user is Gracelw1, with over 2,802 likes received. 

There is a lot of controversy in this forum between the people who enjoy the theme and those who do not. At one time, some people even "trolled" the forum, and attempted to get the topics locked. They also rated most of these Friends' topics as 0 bricks as a sign of dislike.


Although it does not have a roleplay sub-forum, the forum does contain many roleplay topics in which the Frenemies (enemies of the Friends), Criminals, Bosses and more fight the Friends HQ and Heartlake City. Most boys who post on the forum join the anti-Friends HQs, although a few rare ones join the Friends in places like Olivia's House HQ. That HQ is centered around Olivia, who they nickname 'Livvy, and her family.

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