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Gazpacho820 is a user on the LEGO Message Boards who joined on September 13, 2008. He has the rank Cowboy, 8,505 posts, and over 3,196 likes received. He started the popular topic, "Say Hello!", which was featured as an Editor's Pick on the homepage. That topic was locked, but it was still featured on the front page for some time. He retired from the LEGO Message Boards because he believed they were too big of a part of his life. He returned a few days later and became active again, mostly on BIONICLE roleplay.

Gazpacho's favorite topic was the BIONICLE COMEDY CENTRAL. The locking of the topic greatly affected him; two of his best friends retired, and several others greatly lost activity. Since then, he has slipped into inactivity.


  • Because of his avatar and his favorite topic, he is sometimes called "PEMBSGotBCC" by his friends, which stands for "Psycho Evil Monster Bunny Suit Guy of the BCC."
  • He owns a talking laptop named Larry who appears in many comedies in the BIONICLE Comedy Central.

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