The German LEGO Message Boards

The German Message Boards are a site for German LEGO Message Boards users. It can be found by changing your region to Germany, then heading to the Message Boards. It is much less active, and most users are either Gladiator, Roman Soldier, or Forestman, there are only a few with higher or middle-high ranks. Some people call them the GMBs. This declares the US/UK Message Boards as most used. Many EMBers (English Message Board) post in the GMB's, but most of them leave after a few posts.

In the old boards, only two German Users ever reached Legend and there were only nine Inventors, though two of the Inventor accounts belonged to the same person. The German MB's have fewer different forums than the main (US/UK) MB's, and some forums have only one page (an example was Pharaoh's Quest).

There are some roleplay topics, but they are not comparable to the roleplay on the UK/US MB's (Except for LEGO Universe Roleplay Subforum).

Some non-German users also use the German MBs, possibly because of more posting opportunities. However, the user will have to know enough German in order to post there, or use a translation tool. Some of these users are Caballek, Cr9, Genralaustin, and captainBrickmaster.

The biggest topic on the German MB's is a thread called "Forum Café" (MB Cafe) with over 1000 pages. #2 is "Nimbus Café" with about 100 pages.

A sad fact is also that the Mods (except for Stevensbike) don't visit these message boards much anymore to help the users, as they are very busy with U.S. and U.K. message boards. They were posting there until these boards slowed down a lot in 2009.

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For more information on the German Message Boards, visit the German Message Boards Wiki.

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