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HQuiff is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on December 23, 2007. He has no rank, with 10,510 posts, and 24 likes received. Although he is inactive, he never officially retired.

He used the word "HQuiff" as his username because he said he "always wanted a quiff (a type of hairdo)."

HQuiff stopped posting at exactly 10,510 posts. He played a lot of City Roleplay, and started a very popular topic called the "LEGO City Tea Shop," which then became very inactive and is now locked. The first topic he made was the "Bikini Bottom Writers" in the SpongeBob Forum. HQuiff is known as one of the MB Legends due to the quality of his posts and the fact that he never spammed.  In November 2011, he made a comeback posting in old topics and even starting the Dino News Station (DNA).  He was a user involved in the User-Moderator Glitch.

HQuiff was (according to his own records) the first to add LEGO Message Board users as characters in his stories. This was first done in the Mars Mission News Station.

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