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Harry2BL is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on November 17, 2009, but did not start posting until November 2011. He has the rank Gladiator, 2,057 posts, and over 81 likes received. He was known to get in fights with some users, including Marcel77799 and Crouton2000, and considered quitting after these incidents, but he soon stopped the fights.

Two of his most popular topics were in the Message Board Help and Suggestions Forum; "The MB's: A handy guide to basic stuff" and "The MB's: A guide to technical things."


  • He nicknamed himself "Snake master" due to his obsession with snakes.
  • His favorite emote was the Tongue Smiley.
  • Harry2bl's first post was a topic in the LEGO Universe Stories Subforum called "A True LU Story That Wasn't Good For Me" where he got scammed out of 80,000 coins as his LEGO Universe account RebelBoomLegend.
  • He once was persuaded not to retire by Marcel77799 and Skulduggery77.
  • He enjoyed imitating people, and once for a day pretended to be Rock-o-Ages, causing some users to think he was a dupe account.

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