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Hjchjchjc (also known as Hamster) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on November 7, 2008. He has the rank Knight, 6,268 posts, and over 332 likes received. He was also in charge of Order of the Shadow, a HQ in the LURP Forum.

Hamster is well known as the man with more topics than regular posts. He claims that over 50% of his posts are topics, though this is unlikely taking his post count into consideration.

He is also currently the only person in the LEGO Universe Forum to have three topics locked on the list of biggest topics (Looking for the Famous Players of LU, The Musketeers Talk Forum, and ExtremeMysteryHamster's Chatroom DX). However, after the update, all of his topics became unlocked.

He also has a few stories, which he likes to post every once in a while.

His favorite forum is the LEGO Universe Forum, and he was very active in his three main chatrooms, until they were locked.

He announced he was only going to post in the Minifigures Forum, and sometimes in the Benboy's (Maya In Game) Chatroom. He is the owner of The Minifigures Team- The First Team for the New MMO topic located in the Minifigures Forum

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