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Huohana (also known as Huo) was a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on September 20, 2010. She deleted her account June 4, 2012, the same day Alemas retired. Prior to deleting her account, she had 17,004 posts, the rank Maniac, and 7 studs on the old LEGO Message Boards. She was widely thought to be male, but revealed that she was female at rank Artisan. People occasionally made the mistake of saying "he" when referring to Huohana (because of her avatar); however, she changed it to avoid any further confusion. Huohana once answered nearly every poll in Alemas' New Poll Room II. She was most active in the Community Chat Forum, LEGO Universe Forum, and the LEGO News Forum, and she was becoming more and more famous before deleting her account. She also made the topic "MB Achievements 2.0", which became locked after just 2 days because it was allowed accidentally by the mods. Her favorite emote was the Joking. Huohana was the fourth female to reach Old Timer, and the third female user to reach Maniac. Huohana also revealed in Talk to the Mods 6 that she is Chinese.

Huohana retired and deleted her account for religious reasons on May 4, 2012. She later created a new account after the Message Boards were updated, called Huo 13.

Rank Races

2 Stud Race

Huohana finished a race with Adamlenton1 and Megaman6557 to the second stud, which Adamlenton and Huohana agreed on a tie. At the beginning of the race, she was behind by over 350 posts, but came back slowly, posting over 100 posts in a day a few times. Huohana was first to reach the second stud. Adamlenton was able to retake the stud for a short time, only to have Huohana regain hers once again.

Race to Old Timer

Huohana won a race to Old Timer with brickie52, legocat4611, legobatmankid10 and adamlenton1.

Race to Maniac

Huohana raced gameking99 and crazyguy65 to Maniac, until she quit because of the lack of competition. However, she won on February 14, 2012.

Race to Legend

Huohana was going to race 8ObiWan88 to Legend, and was leading by almost 4,000 posts. Huo quit, though, because she didn't want to ruin her MB image, as she did not believe she could win without spamming.


  • She was one of the best traders in the MLN Trades subforum
  • She was involved in the User-Moderator Glitch.

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