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Ihaveawiixboxds4 is a user who created his current account on July 10, 2012. He has the rank Cowboy, 8,829 posts, and over 3,281 likes received. He has written two popular stories, How fang-kwon-do was invented and Lloyd owns Skylanders, both in the Ninjago Forum.


When Ihaveawiixboxds first joined, he posted in both the Star Wars Forum and the Ninjago Forum. After reaching JuniorBuilder, he began his first story, How Fang-kwon-do Was Invented. Not long after starting How Fang-kwon-do was invented, he began his second story, Lloyd Owns Skylanders, which came off to a rocketing start, but lost many readers. As he continued to troll Nya topics, he created a topic where users could write alternate endings to episodes, all of the endings made by Ihaveawii, of course, always had Nya and Jay getting extremely injured. Samed5 and Ihaveawii started a Nya hating group in the Pythor Fan Club, and soon expanded to a secondary base, the Serpentine Fan Club. By this time, Ihaveawii had stopped posting in the Star Wars forums, and he soon began to post in the Message Boards forums.


Ihaveawiixboxds was banned for creating dupes and for being rude to Nya fans from Ninjago, even though by the time he was actually banned, his behavior had improved. He created a new account, Ihaveawiixboxds3ds, very soon after his first ban. This account lasted only two days, and it was after that second ban when Ihaveawii decided to retire. Ihaveawii created Ihaveawiixboxds3ds- to announce his retirement. He was banned once again, and created Ihaveawiixboxds3ds--, as he had not finished his retirement speeches. Ihaveawiixboxds3ds—was locked, so when Ihaveawii finally retired, he retired under Ihaveawiixboxds4, which never got banned.


After a short amount of retirement, Ihaveawii returned to the LEGO Message Boards and promised to be a nicer user. He reached Inventor on the old Message Boards, and is now a Aztec Warrior. His behavior has greatly improved since his return. His activity, however, has steadily declined ever since spring of 2014.


  • He and Samed5 were enemies at first, but since they both had the same views, they soon became friends.
  • He was the leader of the Nya-Hating Organization.
  • While he was retired, he often came back to check on his friends.
  • He said that his avatar's hat is supposed to represent his Angry Birds hat in real life, even though he created the avatar long before he knew about Angry Birds.
  • His sister's account is ihaveamylittlepony.
  • He has created over 11 accounts.
  • His ultimate goal was to reach Conquistador.
  • He wrote the first ever story in the Community Chat Forum.


  • Ihaveawii as a Spartan Warrior
  • Ihaveawii as a Gladiator
  • Ihaveawii as a Roman Soldier
  • Ihaveawii as a Minotaur
  • Ihaveawii as a Viking
  • Ihaveawii as a Samurai Warrior
  • Ihaveawii as a Knight
  • Ihaveawii as a Highland Battler
  • Ihaveawii as a Forestman
  • Ihaveawii as a Forestman with an updated avatar

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