This page is an archive of a rank on the old LEGO Message Boards. Feel free to correct mistakes and add information.

  • Inventor Badge on the New MBs
  • The new rank pic
  • The rank picture
  • An Inventor could have one stud....
  • ....2 studs...
  • ...or 3 studs.
  • An example Inventor
  • An Inventor with 8 studs, which is no longer possible

Inventor was the 8th rank on the LEGO Message Boards. A user needed 3,008 posts to achieve Inventor, which came after the rank Artisan and before Old Timer. There were over 120 Inventors before The 2012 Update. The Inventor rank had more known active and inactive users in it than any rank other than Apprentice. Inventors immediately prior to The 2012 Update could have 1 - 3 studs. They used to have 5 studs from 2010 to early 2012, and from 2001 - 2009, some Inventors had 6 to 8 studs. Due to more and more users who passed this rank and the more and more users in general joining the MBs, studs got harder and harder to come by. Inventors were looked-up to in the early days of the MBs, but now Maniacs and Legends have become the "idols" for many people. It took roughly 6,016 posts to get to Old Timer from this rank. Like all users who joined before the The 2012 Update, users who used to be Inventors now have a badge on their profile page to signify their old rank, Inventor.


  • Inventor is the 4 highest rank.
  • Inventor was a popular rank with people who played using the Assembly Faction in LEGO Universe, possibly because the Inventor was a class for the faction in the game.

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