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JJS495 (also known as JJS) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on October 11, 2006. He has the rank Musketeer, 18,802 posts, and over 1,005 likes received. He mainly posted in the Star Wars Roleplay Original Saga Subforum. He was interviewed by the moderators on February 8, 2013.


JJS was the former leader of REBEL HQ I in Star Wars Original Saga Roleplay, and was additionally a Co-Leader of the Bounty Hunter HQ in the Star Wars Clone Wars Roleplay forum. JJS also created Agents Stories and News in the News Forum, and he often posted in the Brick York Times 5 topic. He was also active in the Kingdoms Forum.

Some have criticized him for always seeming to get into arguments, while others lauded him for having a vast technical knowledge in roleplay.

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