Jammers were most often used in roleplays, when a user needs to speak to a certain person, or specific group of people (e.g. Your HQ) by posting "Jammers On! _____ Only" above your post and "Jammers Off" below it. They were invented by Jammyjam10, a retired moderator, back when roleplay started where issues about private messaging came up. They are mainly used in roleplays to discuss secret plans and battle strategies with team members, but they can also be used outside of roleplay, such as in Talk to the Mods. Jammers have now been updated in the update, so while you post, you can add a Jammer feature to your post, and type what ever you want. To read Jammers nowadays, find a post that has one, and click the Jammers GUI/Button.

There was , however, virtually no way to prove that a user reads jammers, so this system was purely dependent on honesty and honor on the opponent's part to not look at it. Because of this, there are many people who looked at jammed posts anyway, which can take much fun out of roleplay, and then there are other people who tried not to look at jammed posts, but accidentally look at them anyway. If someone reads jammers they must act like they did not know what was said.
Jammed Message

A example of a Jammed post.


  • Some users such as Genralaustin said "Jammies" on instead of Jammers.
  • 7531Hunter used Jammerz instead of Jammers.
  • Brickie52 occasionally used "Double Jammers" and "Triple Jammers" for super-secret information.
  • Gameking99 once started saying "Jammyjams" instead of "Jammers" in honor of the moderator Jammyjam10.
  • People sometimes said "Hammers" Instead of jammers.
  • Some users do not said "Jammers off!" at the end of the post.
  • Some people said "Peanut Butterers on!", "Pajamas on!" or other similar things as a joke.
  • Some users say BACK-UP JAMMMERS along with Jammers.
  • Some users also covered up their message with strikethrough, like this, to make it harder to accidentally see.
  • During problems in the Chima Roleplay, some HQs would post jammer boxes inside jammers boxes with pointless messages meant to bore and deter would-be jammer readers.
  • Some roleplays had specific names for jammers, such as "Sonic Disruptors" (Bounty Hunters) or "Barriers" (Atlantis).
  • The original Jammer was known as a Sonic Disruptor and was mainly used by members of the Bounty Hunter HQ.
  • Xeara sometimes said "JAM AND BREAD".
  • Sometimes people would make codes so others wouldn't peek in it.
  • Traditionally, Jammers were written with three !'s ( i.e. "JAMMERS ON!!! CLONES ONLY!!!" )
  • As of late, the LMB's post editor has been updated so that jammers are now titled "Spoiler Tag" within the post editing section, next to the emoticons.

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