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Jonbuddy1 (aka JB1, Jon, J1, or JB) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on December 6, 2007. He has the rank Pharaoh, 5,261 posts, and over 36 likes received. He did not lead many HQs or roleplay topics, but he was co-leader of the Sith HQ with Rock-o-Ages and dude777477.

MLN Music and Bands

Jonbuddy has quite a history with MLN Bands, from first being in a dysfunctional band with technoninja2008 to starting his own band (which soon failed), to joining FIR, to starting Sgt. Builder's Lonely Bricks Club Band/SBLBCB, and to eventually joining Brick-It!, and being one of its founding members. Jon enjoys writing songs for the entertainment of others.

Jonbuddy has also started an album titled, JB1. It currently has 6 songs that are announced. Jonbuddy1 has not decided whether this will be his only solo album, or whether he will release more.

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