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Justus301 (also known as Jussi or Yoossey; this nickname was invented by legodurcheinander) is a German user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on October 12, 2009. He has the rank Revolutionary Soldier, 10,098 posts, and over 1,809 likes received.

About Justus

He loved mangoes and fighting alongside Legodurcheinander against Guacamole1998. He was one of the most active German users. In Autumn 2011, he raced with Ninja2032 to the rank Artisan. Both reached the rank on the same day, so neither won nor lost.

His most famous threads were Maelstrom Psychiatrie (Maelstrom Psychiatry) in the German LEGO Universe Roleplay subforum and Top Forum 10 (Top GMB 10) in the German forum, but both are deleted now. He was also known in the German Message Boards for his comedy "Jammergeddon: Das älteste Gericht" (Jammergeddon: The Oldest Court).

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