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Kzc519 is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on June 5, 2011. He has the rank Roman Soldier, 2,167 posts, and over 80 likes received. Kzc mainly posted in the LEGO Universe Forum and in the F.2.P.A.G.P. roleplay topic. Kzc started out in the My LEGO Network Forum before moving to the LEGO Universe Forum. After taking a long break (which lasted for about a year), Kzc returned by writing a story, called Operation Blackout, in the Ultra Agents Forum.


  • In LEGO Universe, he had a level 45 Rank 3 Assembly Master character named Tofuios, which is also his current signature.
  • He is commonly referred to as Tofu by his friends.
  • In LEGO Universe, He created the F.2.P.A.G.P. (Free to Play Avant Gardens Protecters) in the Team Up Subforum. It achieved over 100 pages before it was deleted.

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