This page is an archive of the old LEGO Message Boards. Feel free to correct mistakes and add information.


The Members list, showing the top 25 users, as of July 18, 2012

The Members List was a hidden page on that displayed information about every single user on, even if the users did not post on the LMBs. On the list, you could see each user's join date, latest activity and post count on the LEGO Message Boards. This list could be sorted in several different ways: Number of posts, Date last active, Date joined, and Username. These could be displayed from top to bottom or from bottom to top. Each page listed 25 users.

During the existence of this page, it loaded very slowly. It is unknown what the exact cause was, although it could have been that the very large list generated by this page took a long time to load in its entirety.

The page can no longer be found using this link. Instead, it redirects you to the LEGO Message Boards home page.

There was also a related list of Moderators. This one loaded much faster than the other list and works almost all of the time.

Different lists could have been viewed by simply changing the number at the end of the web address.


U.S.A.guy once posted a jammed link to the Members List in an MB Q&A topic. Miakittymoon said that the link was not meant to be public, and as a result, his post was deleted, and the topic was locked.

It is unknown why the link was not to be made public, but it may have been because it takes very long to load, which may mean it puts extra work on the server, and the mods did not want many users to be constantly taxing the server.

Another possibility is that the list contains information that the mods want to keep secret; for example, one list shows all users who participated in the LU Beta Test.

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