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The LEGO Imagination News Station was considered to be the oldest active topic in the News Forum. The topic was started by MINIFIG300 on April 22, 2008 and had been active and inactive frequently until MINIFIG returned to the News Forum on September 11, 2011. The forum also had the ZICORAHK story which featured a LEGO Superhero which MINIFIG300 has claimed himself to make into an actual film. The topic used to have a council running from 2009-2010 but later was only led by MINIFIG300. The topic had a 4/5 brick rating and 170 pages. It was deleted along with the rest of the LEGO News Forum.


The topic was made on April 22, 2008. It started off with just made-up stories, quizzes and contests. On April 27, 2008, MINIFIG300 posted the official sign-up form:

I, _______ want to sign up for the LEGO IMAGINATION NEWS STATION. I will play fair and safe, and tolerate other opinions. I will follow MINIFIG300's instructions unless it is too extreme. Signed, __________

The news topic ran a council to lead the topic which also consisted of a 2 In-Charge when MINIFIG300 was away since it was known for him to become inactive for a long period of time. The council ran from April 2008 - September 2011 when MINIFIG300 returned and decided to lead the topic himself.

The topic also had major stories such as LEGO 2010, an apocalyptic story by Legoman1475, and Zicorahk, a superhero story by MINIFIG300.

The LINS Civil War

The LINS Civil War was a feud between MINIFIG300 and HQuiff on the topic. The feud began when MINIFIG300 returned from another yet long period of being inactive and had seen that his 2 In-Charge, HQuiff, had changed leadership positions while he was inactive. MINIFIG300 asked HQuiff to step down but ended up removing HQuiff from the council for the reasons of changing leadership positions. This began a "war" which consisted of posts on the topic mainly about how MINIFIG300 was wrong to remove HQuiff from the council or on how people agreed with MINIFIG300. Eventually the topic lost members due to the feud along with HQuiff leaving the station and starting his own topic. The topic was crippled and became only active by MINIFIG300 constantly posting trying to save the station from being locked and eventually became stable. MINIFIG300 then appointed cr9 as 2 In-Charge when he was away after the war. Cr9 announced his retirement from the station on September 11, 2011 and MINIFIG300 returned to the topic and has become active since.

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