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Welcome to the LEGO Message Boards Wiki!

The LEGO Message Boards Wiki is all about the LEGO Message Boards, or LMBs - a forum located on, where every post is moderated by a moderator before it is made public, to be seen by everyone.

Before editing this wiki, please read the Policy page, and follow all that it says. Content on this wiki should be suitable for all ages. If you need help with anything at all, then please leave a message on an Staff Member's Wall.

There is also a chat feature on this wiki, but we recommend that you read the chat policy before chatting.

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Featured User
Head220 torso10 legs8
Rank 5

iHuntress is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on May 23, 2009. She has the rank Roman Soldier, 1,656 posts, and over 791 likes received. She mainly posted in the BIONICLE Forum.

She went inactive sometime in fall 2012. She came back to visit the BIONICLE Forum and the Comedy Central in early 2013 but did not know it... Read More

Featured Topic
Icon thread new hot Hot



Posts: 17,971+

Likes: 13,709+

Bricker is a chat topic in the Community Chat Forum. It was created by EarthNinja5000 on April 16, 2014. It currently has 1,199 pages and over 78 likes on the first post. It is a parody of the popular social media site Twitter. This was not the first topic by the name of Bricker. The first one was created 10 months earlier by Lightninja7301.

However, his topic only garnered 7 pages, and was not... Read More

Featured Editor

Hey all you awesome users, HyperFlash Studios here for yet another interview! I did this a good 3 weeks ahead of time since the mostly harmless bureaucrat Ale would have gotten all over my case if I didn't! Anyway, here's to communication with our interview with Alemas2005!

Q) What was it that made you decide to join the LEGO Message Boards Wiki?
A) "Seeing how the Wiki was a "Alemas Haters Wiki" before I joined, I decided to become the cat amongst pigeons. Tongue Smiley-1 Also, to have another place to talk to my MB friends, and a place to fix up articles."

Q) What makes you continue to return to the wiki?
A) "I am a bureaucrat, it's a responsibility, I kind of HAVE to go to the Wiki. Tongue Smiley-1 But I have other reasons: To chat with the users, vote on CVs, check on the constant drama this place creates... oh, and deal with trolls. Tongue Smiley-1 Dealing with trolls is kind of amusing. Tongue Smiley-1"

Q) What do you enjoy most about our wiki?
A) "Chat, moderating chat, implementing votes, dealing with trolls... oh, and the users, of course. Tongue Smiley-1"

Q) Are you active in any other Wikia Communities?

A) "Just Community Central, in case of major problems on the Wiki. I did dabble a bit with Spore Wiki four years ago, though. Tongue Smiley-1"

Q) What's your favorite LEGO Theme?
A) "BIONICLE, undoubtedly. Bought nearly all Toa and canister enemies (just missing the Bohrok and 2001 Toa Mata, I think). Tongue Smiley-1"

Q) The question from the previous featured editor, Impossibubbles is: 'What is love?'

A) "Baby don't hu- Nah, let's be serious. Tongue Smiley-1 "Love" is so complicated to explain, but I'll try: Requited deep affection and caring for your significant other. That's "love" for me. Tongue Smiley-1"

Q) And finally, what's your question for our next Featured Editor?
A) "If you could meet any user on the Wiki, who would it be?"

That's all for this interview, if you'd like to nominate someone else to be interviewed, please go here. This is HyperFlash Studios signing off. ~Hype (Message me) 17:02, September 30, 2016 (UTC)


Which LEGO Video Game Series is your favorite?

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