Chat is a feature on our wiki. It allows users from this wiki to log on and chat together in real time. This page explains how it functions and how we run it.


Anyone with a Wikia account may enter and begin chatting here. Once there you can interact with the community and make use of any of chat's features:

  • Private Messaging is way of communicating with a specific user privately and out of the main chat.
  • Options is a list of settings where you can customize chats colors or enable an array of useful functions.
  • Chat Tags are a way of customizing the way your text appears to everyone in chat, as explained here.

Chat PoliciesEdit

We have a policy that contains some simple guidelines and behaviour standards that all users are expected to abide by while in chat.

Chat ModeratorsEdit

Chat Moderators (CMs) are regular members of the community, entrusted with the ability to kick or ban, which they may use to keep chat safe and functional if necessary.

  • Kicking is a momentary removal of a user from chat, and the user who was kicked can simply rejoin afterwards.
  • Banning functions alike to a kick, except that after removal from chat, the user will be "locked out" and unable to enter chat again until a specified ban expiry date, ranging from one hour to infinite, set by the Chat Moderator who banned them. Bans can be changed by CMs, Discussions Moderators, or administrators.

Chat FilterEdit

Our chat features a bad language filter. Any words posted in chat that are on the blocked word list will appear as a face emoticon with a red or yellow "X" on it, depending on the severity of the word.