The LEGO Message Boards Wiki Staff are users who have local user rights. This includes bureaucrats, Administrators, Chat Moderators, Patrollers, CheckUsers, and Discussion Moderators. Local staff should not be confused with Fandom Staff. Local staff are simply respected community members, who are equipped with the tools necessary to maintain the wiki and enforce its policies.


Alemas2005 is a mostly harmless bureaucrat who is easily distracted by the Internet (still making sure to check chat every now and then), who is among the few who actually implement the changes voted for in the hundreds of community votes this place produces (and also tries to make sure the cogs of Wiki bureaucracy turn smoothly), and who has his own fandom (enough of one for a tumblr blog and own subreddit). He also has an impressive editing record, with 12,000 mostly high-quality mainspace edits.

Alemas2005 (message wallcontribsblocksprotectsdeletionsmoveseditcount)

AmazingPythor is currently the newest bureaucrat. Although he has been on the wiki for a far briefer period of time than the other admins, he is consistently active on night chat and frequently edits the wiki. When he is not busy polishing his monocle or engaged in one of his favorite silent films, he can be contacted via either chat or on his message wall, and should be able to reply with relative efficiency. He is also the Polandball of editing in addition to those things.

AmazingPythor (message wallcontribsblocksprotectsdeletionsmoveseditcount)

Loney 97
Loney is one of the less colourful members of the admin team.[1] He likes top hats, art, foxes and pocketwatches, and generally strives to always maintain the identity of a gentleman, keeping a cool head during conflicts and prefering to try and sort things out rather than kick or ban at the first instant. (He also defeated the shark invasion of 2034 by being bad at skipping stones and knocked out the alpha shark at a young age, causing him to become too derpy to take over the world, but that's not important.)
  1. Alemas thought that was the only necessary part of this bio. He's probably right. He often is.

Loney 97 (message wallcontribsblocksprotectsdeletionsmoveseditcount)

Romaniandude12 (Also: Rom, Rome, Roman, and an essentially endless list of nicknames) is the currently newest Administrator who can be found pretty easily. If not on chat, he can be messaged on his wall with little trouble. He is an avid Star Wars fan, who will eagerly argue anyone who dares criticize anything about it. He likely would kick first and ask questions later, but can just as easily keep cool and sort things out politically. No matter what he says, Rom has been around longer than AP.

Romaniandude12 (message wallcontribsblocksprotectsdeletionsmoveseditcount)

Inactive Admins

Chat Moderators

Chat Moderators are users who help prevent disruptive and abusive behavior in chat. Chat moderators are usually active participants in chat and respected members of the community. A list of chat moderators can be found at LEGO Message Boards Wiki:Staff/Chat Moderators.

Content Moderators

Content Moderators are experienced patrollers who have been given extra tools to help manage articles, such as protecting and deleting pages. A list of content moderators can be found at LEGO Message Boards Wiki:Staff/Content Moderators.

Discussion Moderators

Discussion Moderators are users entrusted to resolve conflicts and prevent disruption on forums, message walls, blogs, article comments, and chat. They are given extra tools in order to enforce policies and carry out some maintenance work. A list of discussion moderators can be found at LEGO Message Boards Wiki:Staff/Discussion Moderators.


Patrollers are trusted users who have proven to be good editors. They have both the patroller right and the rollback right. Their job is to make sure that all the edits made to the wiki are productive and to remove anything that is deleterious. A list of patrollers can be found at LEGO Message Boards Wiki:Staff/Patrollers.

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