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The LEGO News Station Advanced 3 (LNSA 3) was the largest, most-viewed and most-replied-to News Station in the LEGO News Forum, and had 1,701 pages. This station was in its third edition. Posters are required to join one of the smaller news stations before they can join, and must have a minimum of 50 posts. LNSA has this policy in order to make sure that they have both news reporting and LMB experience. It has been inactive since April 2015.

Some popular shows posted in this station include: "MB Room" with U.S.A.guy; "MB Mania" with JohnnyNeutron; "Conspiracy Theory with JN" with JohnnyNeutron; "Hunt for HQuiff" with Alemas; "Behind the Scenes at LNSA III" (currently in its second edition with Legoman1475), and "MB's for Dummies" (with Wertys761). Sadly, most of the shows have been discontinued due to the retirement or inactiveness of their creators; however, "MB Mania" was reintroduced after a long break recently. "Behind the Scenes" returned with new episodes from Legoman1475 (going now by the name IamLegoman1475, his second account).

Of course, like in other stations, news reports are also given. The leader is Alemas, 2 In-Command is Riolu777 and 3 is Ryo-757, who is also in charge of polls. The station had 1,701 pages and 25,503 posts. The LNSA has won the Best News Station category in The Brickys for 3 times, the most for a news station. It also houses KRRouse's first post since leaving in 2005, as KRRouse-2. It was deleted along with the rest of the LEGO News Forum.


The original LNSA was created on February 24, 2007 by SAMBO10794. Its description read:

Welcome to LNSA (Lego News Station Advanced)! Only THE BEST, Most expirenced reporter can report here! As time goes on, I'll ask more reporters to join! So on other news stations, start reporting, so you can come here! Please fill out this form: I________, Wish to report on________. I will obey Managers SAMBO10794, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th in charge I will pay 15 hits per story!

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