LEGO Super Heroes Roleplay Subforum






This is a subforum for roleplay relating to Marvel and DC super heroes.


LEGO Super Heroes Roleplay Subforum

LEGO Super Heroes Roleplay is a subforum of the LEGO Super Heroes Forum that was added on November 8, 2012. It was created due to the amount of users requesting it, and the amount of roleplay topics being posted in the main LEGO Super Heroes Forum. It currently hosts both Marvel and DC roleplays. Many users hope the two will be separated, although the moderators have stated this will not happen.

The subforum has 27 pages. The most liked user is mario8991 with 1,004 likes. The topic with the most likes is Creating New HQs, created by WhiteAlligator with 1,569 likes.

This subforum won the Most Awesome Roleplay Award in the 2014 Golden Brick Awards.



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