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  • The (now discontinued) rating.
  • The topic as seen on the old MB's.
  • The original Lego Tribune.
  • The 2nd Lego Tribune.
  • The Lego Tribune III.

LEGO Tribune was a thriving news station "series" in the News Forum. The original LEGO Tribune was created on December 6, 2006, by thelonewolf397. The second was created by Walter313 on February 9, 2008 and the third was created by spacedude1234567, with the fourth being created on November 18, 2009. With over 1,000 pages of posts in all 4 of its versions combined, it was once very active.  The most recent topic was created by Greethan, but the leadership was disputed, as Greethan was never a member of the LT in the first place. It had a 4.5/5 Bricks, 120 pages, and had posts in it from MB Legends, such as HQuiff, Tommy 60, and Gslover1. It was deleted also with the rest of the LEGO News Forum

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