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Source: LMB Old Timers

LMB Old Timers is a topic in the Community Chat Forum. It was created by steelersrule12 on November 17, 2010. At the close of the message boards, it had 1,870 pages and 101 likes on the first post. It is a place for "Old Timers" on the LEGO Message Boards to talk about "whatever" and it is said that you are supposed to be on the LEGO Message Boards for 2 years before you can post there. However, some people post on there once in a while even though they have not been on for 2 years, which greatly annoys certain users. Many users who were not yet old enough mistakenly joined before the 2012 update, thinking that it was a topic for people with the rank Old Timer to hang out, though their confusion was quickly cleared up. Alemas was particularly stringent on the rule.

On the new LEGO Message Boards, this topic has formed a haven for old users to congregate and chat with each other.

Along with the topic being inactive for a while, Legobrickbuilder4567 adopted the topic and revived it. With the topic being back, several veteran users who were over 2 years of being on the MB came back into this one topic, and is currently quite active.

A similar topic called "Veteran Users" was posted on February 19, 2012, but this topic is now inactive.


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