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Legobrickbuilder4567 (also known as LBB) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on March 30, 2010. He has the rank Forestman, 15,315 posts, and over 697 likes received. He used to be active in many Roleplay Subforums before the update. He now occasionally posts in the LMB Old Timers topic. His brother is AgentMLN, who was one the major and popular MLN Traders in the My LEGO Network Forum at his time.

Roleplay Profile

  • LBB was the leader of the ADU HQ in Alien Conquest Roleplay.
  • He was the 2nd-in-Command of C.O.M.B. until the forum was moved to the Classics Forum.
  • He used to spend time in the LEGO Universe Roleplay Subforum (also known as LU RP) in Team F.2.P.A.G.P, and in the Crimson Order.
  • He roleplayed as a Paradox in Paradox HQ and in other LU Topics. He often would come up with different types of gear for his roleplay profile.


  • MB Veterans or MB Vets was first created by LBB in an effort to revive the LMB Old Timers. It was a new way to call users who have been on the LMBs for two years or longer.
  • His roleplay character name was usually Blue or Turbo. In LU RP, as an alternative to not get mixed up with other characters with the name "Turbo", he used Turbonaire but later stuck back to Turbo.
  • LBB tried to beat Alemas' record time spent without using the Joking's emoticon for over a year, but eventually gave up knowing that another user had already done it.
  • He was a TFOL Member on the LEGO Message Boards.
  • He was a MB Bricky judge for the 2012 contest.
  • He used to read many LU stories, usually by AwesomeMe44, BlueDino, Tofuios, and ChaorruptedLego.

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